In this workshop there are about 15 young people. During their training of eight months they have two evaluations, mid-term evaluation and final evaluation. The final evaluation by the Walter Sisulu University of Technology is certificated. This qualification increases the trainees' success on the labour market.


The trainees start with calculations, taking measurements and making patterns. Those who are unable to calculate make use of commercial patterns. Then they are taught various stitching and embroidery handwork. They also learn how to place patterns on Fabric correctly without wasting material and how to handle non-industrial sewing machines, hand operated machines and over locker machines.



The trainees are able, upon completion of the programme, to make many kinds of clothes, modern and traditional with the emphases being on the traditional Xhosa garments (imibhaco, incebeta, etc.). The workshop is also famous for its liturgical vestments centre Clergy and Church groups come from all over E.C. to order the beautiful garments i.e. copes, chasubles, stole, banners, etc.

Job opportunities

It is of great importance that the district Municipality and other parties concerned, build places/centres where disabled crafters from different local municipalities and sectors can meet and work as a group producing all kind of products. This will contribute to the development of the Province, the fighting poverty and unemployment and will encourage tourism. With the two new Centres recently inaugurated (Craft Hub and Nelson Mandela Museum) it is hoped that our people will have future prospects in these places.