This workshop trains about 10 trainees. In a formal skills training programme, they are taught to make leather goods and to learn basic business skills. After eight months, our trainees are evaluated by the Walter Sisulu University of Technology and receive accredited certificates. Having a certificated qualification increases their chances of employment in the leatherwork field.


The trainees are taught to repair shoes and an assortment of leather goods and to produce various leather products such as sandals, hats, wallets, belts, bags and key holders.


The two trainers are former trainees in Ikhwezi Lokusa. They are highly qualified in this field with years of experience, formal and practical education. They attempt to provide a creative, appropriate programme according to the individual abilities and needs.


Job opportunities

By promoting marketing in local venues, the production of more and more creative products will be present. This will promote opportunities to network and give further exposure for our trainees in the job market.