In this workshop there are about 10 people with a physical and/or intellectual disability. The Craft workshop offers formal and informal training. The young people stay for up to five years. They learn the techniques of beadwork, silk-screening, painting, drawing, weaving and other handcrafts.


The trainees produce bead jewellery (bracelets, necklaces), bags, jug covers, wall hangers, cushions, pipes, t- shirts and hand- drawn cards with traditional Xhosa designs. All products are displayed in a showroom.


In this quiet, therapeutic environment, personal creativity is encouraged and current new designs, especially in beadwork, are supported. The positive experience of producing saleable goods raises the dignity of each individual.


Job opportunities

The trainees are assisted and encouraged to develop their own enterprises. With the rise of tourism in the Eastern Cape, there is a potential market in beadwork production. Creating high quality products are essential for a successful entry into this market.