Who we are…

The aim of our society is to offer the beneficiaries rehabilitation and training to prepare our trainees for life in their environment at home. This is achieved through a skills training program within four workshops and through on-going assistance in learning to cope with the daily life challenges of persons with disabilities. The service users stay for up to five years. They are mostly coming from the neighboring municipal areas and further afield in the Eastern Cape. We offer accommodation for about 64 trainees in hostels. Two housemothers take care of them.


Ikhwezi Lokusa is a Christian organization dedicated to the promotion of independent living for persons who are physically and/or mildly mentally disabled through rehabilitation and skills training.


Ikhwezi Lokusa is a rehabilitation facility committed to providing a high standard of service for persons who are physically and/or mildly mentally disabled. It assists them in reaching a optimum physical, mental, and social level of functioning through skills training.

Sr. Maria Corda Waldhoer

Sr. Maria Corda Waldhoer CPS
Manager of Rehabilitation Services

Creed - With our Christian environment we believe:


Over the years, we have been blessed with volunteers from Europe and North America who assist in a variety of tasks e.g. teaching, nursing, administration, computer training, driving, sports and recreation, maintenance, etc., all of which are essential to the smooth running of the Society. Their generous service is appreciated and enjoyed by the young people and staff alike. In turn, it is hoped that this life experience will bring personal enrichment and joy and a greater insight into the abilities and needs of the disabled of the Eastern Cape Province.