In this workshop there are about 20 people with a physical and/or intellectual disability. The Craft workshop offers formal and informal training. The young people stay for up to five years. They learn the techniques of beadwork, silk-screening, painting, drawing, weaving and other handcrafts.


In this workshop there are about 15 young people. During their training of eight months they have two evaluations, mid-term evaluation and final evaluation. The final evaluation by the Walter Sisulu University of Technology is certificated. This qualification increases the trainees’ success on the labour market.


This workshop trains about 10 trainees. In a formal skills training programme, they are taught to make leather goods and to learn basic business skills. After eight months, our trainees are evaluated by the Walter Sisulu University of Technology and receive accredited certificates. Having a certificated qualification increases their chances of employment in the leatherwork field.


The young people, some 15 persons, receive a formal training programme utilizing basic skills development techniques at first which introduce them to pottery machinery, its use/ maintenance and various materials. They also receive through the training programme, certification by Walter Sisulu University of Technology.



In our facility, we have four workshops:

Every workshop day starts with a prayer. They get trained by experienced supervisors in fundamental works. They can graduate with certificates after one year or after two years depending on their capabilities. Their skills development is evaluated by lecturers from the Walter Sisulu University Mthatha. If they are interested, the trainees can continue for further skills development for up to four years. Each workshop has an average of 16 trainees.

In addition to the workshop skills the trainees can follow the ABET program which enables them to become more literate, especially those who missed out in the formal education sector.

Basic computer skills and basic business skills are also offered.


Display & Sale

All finished products are displayed in showrooms in the different workshops and sold in different local exhibitions and displays. On a monthly basis the society organizes exhibitions of the products.

Visiting Hours:


Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Come and see our Products. We are waiting for you!

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