Mrs. Sindiswa Jojozi joined Ikhwezi Lokusa Rehab Centre as professional nurse where she focuses on health services for the trainees and staff.

Among her duties are:

  • Assessment and treatment of trainees who are in state of emergency such as managing burns, assaults, sprains and prioritize those who need to be referred to clinic or hospital.
  • Attending to minor ailments like: abdominal disorders, respiratory tract infections, general body pains, dressing of wounds to mention but a few.
  • Sorting cases which are beyond her scope to be seen by Dr. Mkhuseli Kenneth Mashiyi such as difficulty in swallowing, gingivitis, epileptic cases, who do not respond to treatment or any other complicated conditions.
  • Collection of monthly medication for the trainees from relevant clinics or hospitals.

Specific treatment

Dr. Mkhuseli Kenneth Mashiyi visits our society each month
for voluntary service.
His history, position and success demand that he makes a contribution to the society. He would examine his patients and order treatment or refer them to other specialists when there’s a need.