Who we are…

The aim of our society is to offer the beneficiaries rehabilitation and training to prepare our trainees for life in their environment at home. This is achieved through a skills training program within four workshops and through on-going assistance in learning to cope with the daily life challenges of persons with disabilities. The service users stay for up to five years. They are mostly coming from the neighboring municipal areas and further afield in the Eastern Cape. We offer accommodation for about 64 trainees in hostels. Two housemothers take care of them.

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Our Story and Foundation

 How did Ikhwezi Lokusa happen?

In 1958, the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood in Glen Avent Convent were discerning, what service the local community needed most: School? Old Age Home? But a simple happening showed the way.

The then district surgeon, Dr. Hildegard Schmidt, had in her employ a local woman whose child, Walter Dyaspu, was crippled with cerebral palsy. The doctor gave her maid a much needed holiday and simply took the handicapped boy to the German sisters in the Glen Avent Convent, asking them to please look after him for the time being.

And as if the news was broadcast, the mothers from the surrounding area came walking with their handicapped children on their backs, saying: “We have heard that you are going to do something for these children of ours.”

This was the beginning of Ikhwezi Lokusa Centre for children and young adults with physical or slight mental challenges.

As the school, Ikhwezi Lokusa, developed, the need for facilities for care and employment of physically handicapped young adults became clear. Out of this need the Ikhwezi Lokusa Rehabilitation Centre evolved. It is a very modern centre with workshops, hostels and homes (flats) for adult Transkeians in need of sheltered employment. It was opened in 1975. The rehabilitation section is still growing. It already offers tailoring, dressmaking, pottery, jewellery, leatherwork and floral crafts workshops. Eventually it should accommodate up to hundred adults.

Ikhwezi Lokusa, both, the school and rehabilitation section provide wonderful facilities for the physically handicapped in Transkei to enhance their chances of living happy lives and making their contribution to the building up of the People of God.

In 1979 construction of 42 houses in nearby Ikhwezi Township has been started for the accommodation of employees of the school and rehabilitation centre.

At Ikhwezi Lokusa the children are not only taught to pas Std. VII, but also many activities are taken up to help them grow and develop their personalities. Scouting and Guiding were introduced for boys and girls, and since then there has been a never ending chain of activities going on, and many awards have been won by enthusiastic Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.

In February 1980 children of Ikhwezi Lokusa participated for the first time in public contests of “Games and Sport” for Physically Handicapped”. Sports activities of the children have been promoted very successfully by Ikhwezi mission volunteers from all over the world. In 1984 the world record in javelin was beaten by Nonzame Ntsizi, one of the Senior Championships in Durban. She will now be able to compete in international competitions for the handicapped.


Ikhwezi Lokusa is a rehabilitation facility committed to providing a high standard of service for persons who are physically and/or mildly mentally disabled. It assists them in reaching a optimum physical, mental, and social level of functioning through skills training.

Ikhwezi Lokusa is a Christian organization dedicated to the promotion of independent living for persons who are physically and/or mildly mentally disabled through rehabilitation and skills training.

With our Christian environment we believe:
That each person be encouraged to retain his/her personal identity.
That each person be encouraged to retain his/her independence.
That the medical, social, physical, psychological and spiritual potential of each person needs to be fulfilled.
That their individuality be maintained. That a high standard of service be offered within a holistic, loving and compassionate setting.
That the family, community and educational support be an integral part of the rehabilitation process.
That the financial and human resources be managed responsibly and that the environment be protected.


Our Ikhwezi Lokusa Team

Sr. Maria Corda Waldhör


Sr. Cecilia Ntsolo cps

Manager Assistent

Mrs. A. Marwayi

Financial Officer

Mrs. Jane King’e

Social Worker

Mrs. N.D. Pantshwa

Social Worker

Mrs. Y. Linganiso


Sr. Anna Rita Schedl

Hostel Supervisor

Sr. Sussana Nwankwo


Ms. N.F.Ngwane

Chief Social Worker

Sr. Antoinette Euku